A Glimpse Inside “Nature Detectives!”

Mother Goose Time’s July curriculum is called “Nature Detectives.”  This month, children will get outside and explore nature.  They will unlock mysteries in the trees, sky, water, and dirt!

Library-Style Story Time Book, Every Month

On Day 9 of the unit, we are introduced to the story book, Get Close to Nature!  Children are encouraged to guess what things they are looking at up close.  Children are invited to explore their surroundings up close (their hand, toys, clothing, the floor) and describe what they notice.

125 Active Discovery Tools, Every Month

Nature SearchOn Day 1, invite your children to go on a Nature Search.  They can pretend to be detectives and explore the outdoors for animals, bugs, plants, dirt and water.  Children can also use the provided Magnifying Glass to explore the Theme Poster.

Activities - Name ClimbingAlso on Day 1, you can help each child write their name on a name tag.  They then can count how many letters are in their name and climb the same number of stairs.  Alternatively, they can stack the same number of pillows or stuffed animals.

Activities - Pine Cone BirdfeederOn Day 2, children can build their very own Pine Cone Birdfeeder.  After the bird feeders are assembled, children can take them outside and choose a place to hang them.  Continue to visit the bird feeder and discuss how they have changed and why.

Activities - Fresh Water SoupOn Day 11, it’s time to make some Freshwater Soup.  A recipe card is provided.  Have the children assist with measuring and pouring the various ingredients.  They will love tasting the final creation, and it will encourage them to try new foods and flavors.

13+ Art Projects, Every Month
On Day 1, each child  gets to make their own Koala Bear Puppet.  The paper for the body, the foam square for the nose and the cotton balls for the fur are all provided to make this cute little creation.  Children practice using scissors and glue.Art - Koala Bear Puppet

On Day 3, children get to have fun Stamping Trees.  First, they use tape to make tree shapes on their paper.  They then each hold a pompom with a clothespin and dip them in paint.  The children take turns stamping different colors all over the the tape.  After the paint has dried, remove the tape to show the trees!Art - Stamping Trees

On Day 6, children are invited to create their own Hot Air Balloon.  They get to decorate the balloon and souffle cup and attach them together with string.  They then can put items in the basket and take turns letting them float around.Art - Hot Air Balloon

33 Skills Built, Every Month

This month, children practice developing several different skills including matching with Tree Shapes on Day 2, writing their own Tree Stories on Day 5 and constructing patterns with the Thunder Patterns activity on Day 10.

Skills - Tree Shapes
Day 2 – Tree Shapes
Skills - My Tree Story
Day 5 – My Tree Story
Skills - Thunder Patterns
Day 10 – Thunder Patterns

20 Brand New Sing-Along Songs, Every Month

MusicClick here to hear a sample of this month’s CD!  Every month, Mother Goose Time provides a CD filled with easy to sing songs.  If your child enjoys them, then you need to check out Mother Goose Time’s Dance ‘n Beats curriculum.  A new series is available every month, and it ties in with the monthly theme.

Parents Want the Best, Every Month

Family Support - Family Newsletter Page 1Caregivers are provided with a monthly Family Newsletter they can give to parents each month.  This month’s newsletter encourages parents to continue reviewing letters, shapes, numbers, colors and Spanish words with their children over the summer.  It also suggests activities that parents can do with their children outside of preschool and provides a reading list.  More Family Connect Tools can be found here.

Child-led Exploration, Every Month

Individualization - Scoop EstimationAt the bottom of many of the activities there are suggestions on how to simplify them or make them more challenging.  Mother Goose Time’s Little Goose curriculum is very helpful for finding things that you can do with your younger children while the older children do the regular activities.  If you are finding your child needs more of a challenge please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Math and Literacy.

Discover Games, Every Month

Game - Puddle JumpingThere are many fun games included in the curriculum that incorporate learning.  This month, children will play a Puddle Jumping game on Day 11.  They will count how many steps it takes them to get from one puddle to the next.

Game - What to Wash

On Day 14, they will play a game called What to Wash.  Children practice making choices between what they would rather wash. You can play this game individually or as a group.  You can also extend play by setting up an empty tub with plastic dishes and toys.  Children can pretend to wash the different items.

New My Little Journal, Every Month

Journal - My Nature CollectionThis month is a little different.  Each child will receive a My Nature Collection journal.  In this journal, children will practice writing various words including “dirt”, “bark”, “grass”, etc.  They will search for the items outside.  They have room to draw pictures in their journal and write about what they observe with each object.  For more writing practice please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Literacy resource.

New I Can Read!, Every Month
This month children will practice the sight words “I”, “the”, and “wash”.  They will see these words often in their I Can Read! book. I Can Read! - I Wash

Monthly Skills Chart, Every Month

Educator SupportA skills chart and gathering list are included every month to help you get organized before the month begins.

The skills chart is a great piece to hang where parents can see it.  It shows you which skills your children will be focusing on each day.

You can refer to the gathering list each week before you go to the grocery or craft store so that you have everything you need to do all of the activities.

Teacher Guide with Built-in Assessment, Extensions, Every Month

Teacher GuideYou can find other resources under Member Resources on Mother Goose Time’s website.  The member code is included in your Teacher Guide each month.  There are many other Teacher Tools included each month that makes the learning more interesting and the planning much easier!

There is still time to order your very own “Nature Detectives,” or you can join in on the fun in August with Mother Goose Time’s Fables and Folktales curriculum! Not sure if you want to dive all the way in yet? Check out one of Mother Goose Time’s samples!


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