A Glimpse Inside “Friends & Feelings!”

Mother Goose Time’s September curriculum is called “Friends & Feelings.”  This month, children will learn about friendships and how to navigate different feelings.  They will learn valuable lessons while having fun by learning how to make friends, identify feelings, discover the keys to friendship, and talk with friends.

Library-Style Story Time Book, Every Month

IMG_8656On Day 5, we are introduced to the story book, A Big Problem, about an elephant who climbs a tree and then discovers he is stuck.  Children are asked about what they like to climb.  They then use their problem solving skills to figure out different ways to solve the problem described in the book.

125 Active Discovery Tools, Every Month

IMG_8650On Day 3, gather up a couple mirrors, and invite your children to look at the theme poster.  Talk about what each child likes about their face as they look at themselves in the mirror.  Point to the different faces on the poster and invite the children to identify the emotion and try to make the same expression.  You can have them talk about other special faces that they can make.

IMG_8649On Day 6, you can help each child create their own Happy Face snack plate.  Gather together assorted vegetables, some plastic knifes and other snack ingredients found on the provided receive card.  Have the children practice cutting the vegetables into different shapes.  Arrange the food into a happy face on a pita or plate.

IMG_8661On Day 17, pull out your Sound Waves science card.  Have fun fashioning a phone out of the string and some plastic cups.  Invite the children to explore sound waves and vibrations while talking to each other through the cups.  Try pulling the string tight or letting it be loose to see what happens with the sounds!

13+ Art Projects, Every Month

On Day 7, each child is able to make a Mirror they can use the show their feelings.  A craft stick, mirror board, jewels and paper are all provided to make this cute little creation.  Ask the children to make different expressions and then look at the expressions in their mirrors. IMG_8663On Day 9, children get to have fun making a Clown Surprise Shaker.  First, they can decorate the back of one of the plates with the pompom, festooning and wiggle eyes so that it looks like a clown.  The children then flip the plate over, pour some of the beans onto it and then attach another plate to it.  For extended play, have each child hide and then use their shaker while the other children find them.

On Day 17, children get to make their own Pretend Phone.  They each get a cardboard phone cutout, a keypad and phone book pages.  They can decorate the phone book pages and the numbers on the keypad.  They then can write their own phone numbers on the last page of the phone book.  They are able to practice dialing phone numbers and to politely talk to each person on the phone.

33 Skills Built, Every Month

This month, children practice developing several different skills including sorting and stringing beads with Friendship Bracelets on Day 11, practicing patterns on Day 15 with Build Together, and Signing the Alphabet on Day 16.

Day 11 - Friendship Bracelet
Day 11 – Friendship Bracelet
Day 15 - Build Together
Day 15 – Build Together
Day 16 - Signing the Alphabet
Day 16 – Signing the Alphabet

20 Brand New Sing-Along Songs, Every Month

IMG_8658Click here to hear a sample of this month’s CD!  Every month, Mother Goose Time provides a CD filled with easy to sing songs.  If your child enjoys them, then you need to check out Mother Goose Time’s Dance ‘n Beats curriculum.  A new series is available every month, and it ties in with the monthly theme.  You are encouraged to play different songs throughout the month as your children complete various activities.

Parents Want the Best, Every Month

IMG_8654Caregivers are provided with a monthly Family Newsletter they can give to parents each month.  This month’s newsletter discusses ways to encourage conversation with your children and help them convey their feelings.  It summarizes the different letters, shape, numbers and color that the children will be learning.  It also suggests activities that caregivers can do with their children outside of preschool and provides a reading list.  More Family Connect Tools can be found here.

Child-led Exploration, Every Month

IMG_8670At the bottom of many of the activities there are suggestions for how to simplify them or make them more challenging.  Mother Goose Time’s Little Goose curriculum is very helpful for finding things that you can do with your younger children while the older children do the regular activities.  If you are finding your child needs more of a challenge please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Math and Literacy.

Discover Games, Every Month

IMG_8647There are many fun games included in the curriculum that incorporate learning.  This month, children will play an Elephant & Friends game on Day 4.  They will take turns spinning the spinner and moving their playing pieces along the board.  If the spinner lands on a green section, the child will move their piece to a green space on the board.  The first child to reach the elephant at the top of the board will win the game!

IMG_8664On Day 7, they will play a game called Feeling Shapes.  Children will sort the provided Tangrams onto the different game cards.  All of the game cards are then placed in a bag, and the children take turns pulling out one card.  Each child is then encouraged to find a matching Tangram and trace it onto their papers in a two-shape pattern.

IMG_8668On Day 11, children are introduced to a game called Letter Family.  Each child will take a turn rolling the die and moving his dad game piece around the board.  If the child lands on a heart space, they can collect the matching colored heart.  Each child continues playing until they have collected three hearts.  The children practice reading the different words on the game spaces that they land on.

New My Little Journal, Every Month

IMG_8646Each child will receive a My Little Journal.  In this journal, children will practice drawing circles, using the color ‘blue’, writing numbers 1 and 2, and writing letters F, P, and K in upper and lower case. They have room to draw happy pictures in their journal and write down various favorite things about themselves and a friend.  For more writing practice please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Literacy resource.

New I Can Read!, Every Month
This month children will practice the sight words “is”, “a”, “she”, and “he”, as well as “glad”, “sad”, and “mad”.  They will see these words often in their I Can Read! book. IMG_8659

Letter Set, Every Month

This month, children will study upper and lower case letters F, K, and P.  They will practice identifying objects that begin with these letters.IMG_8653

New Letters, Colors, Numbers and Shapes, Every Month

Children will learn upper and lower case letters F, K, and P, numbers 1 and 2, the color blue, as well as a new shape – circle!IMG_8652

Version 3

New Friendly Bee, Every Month

This month, children will learn about being respectful.Version 2

Monthly Skills Chart, Every Month

IMG_8636A skills chart and gathering list are included every month to help you get organized before the month begins.

The skills chart is a great piece to hang where parents can see it.  It shows you which skills your children will be focusing on each day.

You can refer to the gathering list each week before you go to the grocery or craft store so that you have everything you need to do all of the activities.

Teacher Guide with Built-in Assessment, Extensions, Every Month

IMG_8637You can find other resources under Member Resources on Mother Goose Time’s website.  The member code is included in your Teacher Guide each month.  There are many other Teacher Tools included each month that makes the learning more interesting and the planning much easier!

There is still time to order your very own “Fables and Folktales,” or you can join in on the fun in September with Mother Goose Time’s “Friends and Feelings” curriculum! Not sure if you want to dive all the way in yet? Check out one of Mother Goose Time’s samples!

Open House – A Complete Celebration Kit

Included in September’s box is an Open House Kit.  In the kit you will find invitations, thank-you notes, a wall display, snack ideas, games, art projects, an agenda, tips for what to say to guests, plans for how to prepare your children and much, much more!IMG_8671


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