A Glimpse Inside “On the Go”!

Mother Goose Time’s November curriculum is called “On the Go.”  This month, children will learn about traveling by road, air and sea.  They will discover valuable lessons while having fun by learning about roads, maps and bridges, transportation on land, public transportation, and transportation in the air and water.

Library-Style Story Time Book, Every Month

BookOn Day 3, we are introduced to the story book, A Ride for Duck, about a duck who tries to hitch a ride with different friends.  Children are asked how they travel to the store, school, etc.  Ask the children to describe what is happening on each page of the book.  As an additional activity, you can have the children apply masking tape to a large poster board to create a map and name the different streets.

125 Active Discovery Tools, Every Month

Activity - Bridge SnackOn Day 4, you can help each child create their own Bridge Snack.  Gather together the ingredients listed on the card.  Have each child name different materials from which bridges are made.  Next, have the children assemble their bridges and talk about which parts of the bridge they are recreating.  After the bridges have been assembled, enjoy the tasty snack together!

Activity - Wheels & RampsOn Day 7, ask each child to gather different objects that can be used to make various sized ramps.  After choosing a ramp design, have the children experiment rolling different toys down the ramp including balls, cars, etc.  Put a piece of masking tape on the floor next to wear the objects land after rolling down the ramps.  Talk with the children about why certain object went farther than others.

Activity - Thread a TrainOn Day 16, gather together cardboard train cars, pipe cleaners and noodles that were all provided for you.  You may also pull out some paint that you have on hand.  Have the children find out how many noodles they can fit on a pipe cleaner.  The children can paint the caboose, engine and noodles, three the pieces onto the pipe cleaner and then fold and twist the pipe cleaner to secure the pieces.  Ask the children to line up their trains and compare sizes and colors.

13+ Art Projects, Every Month

On Day 1, each child is able to make some Build a Road Art.  They cut the black paper into strips and glue them down to the green paper to create roads.  The children will take the chalk to draw lines on the roads.  Next they will use pieces of straw and tape to attach the signs to the circle stands.  Dirt can be added by gluing the sand to the roads.  The children can now drive their paper vehicles on the roads and place the signs on the roads too.

Art - Build a Road Art
On Day 6, children get to create their own Clean Fuel Car Art.  First, the children are asked to try grinding the corn into small pieces with a rock.  Second, the children can decorate their paper car however they would like.  Next, you can cut the straw in half and thread it through the car.  Put the wheels on the straw and secure with tape.  Have the children glue pieces of corn to the sides of their cars.  For extended play, have the children drive their cars around a track and talk about how corn fuel can protect the environment.

Art - Clean Fuel Car
On Day 13, children get to make their own Propeller Hat.  Each child gets a bowl, chipboard propeller, brass fastener and elastic.  They are asked to decorate the hat with paint, crayons or markers.  Attach the propeller to the top of the hat with the brass fastener.  Punch holes through the sides of the hate and tie the elastic to it.  Ask the children to wear their hats and pretend to move like a helicopter.

Art - Propeller Hat
33 Skills Built, Every Month

This month, children practice developing several different skills including identifying letters and matching with the Racer Matching activity on Day 6, arranging shapes on Day 11 with the Airplane Designs activity, and counting with the Six Trains activity on Day 16.

Day 6 – Racecar Matching
Day 11 - Airplane Designs
Day 11 – Airplane Designs
Skill - Six Trains
Day 16 – Six Trains

20 Brand New Sing-Along Songs, Every Month

MusicClick here to hear a sample of this month’s CD!  Every month, Mother Goose Time provides a CD filled with easy to sing songs.  If your child enjoys them, then you need to check out Mother Goose Time’s Dance ‘n Beats curriculum.  A new series is available every month, and it ties in with the monthly theme.  You are encouraged to play different songs throughout the month as your children complete various activities.

Parents Want the Best, Every Month

Family NewsletterCaregivers are provided with a monthly Family Newsletter they can give to parents each month.  This month’s newsletter encourages parents to get outside with their children.  While out on a walk, engage the child in conversations about what they see outside including the colors of the leaves as they change.  The newsletter also summarizes the different letters, shape, numbers and color that the children will be learning.  It also suggests activities that caregivers can do with their children outside of preschool and provides a reading list.  More Family Connect Tools can be found here.

Child-led Exploration, Every Month

IndividualizationAt the bottom of many of the activities there are suggestions for how to simplify them or make them more challenging.  Mother Goose Time’s Little Goose curriculum is very helpful for finding things that you can do with your younger children while the older children do the regular activities.  If you are finding your child needs more of a challenge please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Math and Literacy.

Discover Games, Every Month

Game - Traffic JamThere are many fun games included in the curriculum that incorporate learning.  This month, children will play a Traffic Jam Game on Day 1.  You will tape a path on the floor and ask the children to walk in a single file line at different paces.  You will then set the game cards in a pile on the path.  As the children walk along the path, they will stop and flip over the first card they come across.  They will then follow the directions on the card.  Keep playing until every child has a turn to flip over a card.

Game - Bike BingoOn Day 8, they will play a game called Bike Bingo.  Each child will take a turn rolling the cube and setting it down on the game board.  Everyone will sound out the word.  All of the children can place a marker on the corresponding place on their bingo card.  Once someone get three in a row, in the four corners or cover the whole card, they can yell, “BINGO!”

Game - Airplane LauncherOn Day 11, children are introduced to a game called Airplane Launcher.  Ask the children to roll paper around a straw and tape it in place.  They can add wings, stickers or whatever else strikes their fancy.  Place the runway on the floor and ask the children to blow through the straw of their plane to launch it toward the runway.  They can place a sticker wherever the plane lands on the runway.  Add up the points from each landing.  The children can redesign the plane to see if it will go any farther.

New My Little Journal, Every Month

My Little JournalEach child will receive a My Little Journal.  In this journal, children will practice drawing triangles, using the color ‘orange’, writing numbers 5 and 6, and writing letters C, W, and T in upper and lower case.  On the back of the journal, children get to work through a maze trying to get a train back to the train station.  There are also blank pages in the journal for children to draw pictures or write different words or letters of their choosing. For more writing practice please check out Mother Goose Time’s More Literacy resource.

New I Can Read!, Every Month

This month children will practice the sight words “by”, “in”, “we” and “go”, as well as “car”, “star”, and “jar”.  They will see these words often in their I Can Read! book. I Can Read! Book
Letter Set, Every Month

This month, children will study upper and lower case letters T, C, and W.  They will practice identifying objects that begin with these letters.Letter Flags

New Letters, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, and Global Friends, Every Month

Children will learn upper and lower case letters T, C, and W, numbers 5 and 6, the color orange, as well as a new shape – triangle!  They will also make new global friends in Wales, Thailand, and China.

Number LeavesPaintbrushVersion 2Global Friends

New Friendly Bee, Every Month

This month, children will learn about being thankful.Version 3

Monthly Skills Chart, Every Month

Skills ChartA skills chart and gathering list are included every month to help you get organized before the month begins.

The skills chart is a great piece to hang where parents can see it.  It shows you which skills your children will be focusing on each day.

You can refer to the gathering list each week before you go to the grocery or craft store so that you have everything you need to do all of the activities.

Teacher Guide with Built-in Assessment, Extensions, Every Month

Teacher GuideYou can find other resources under Member Resources on Mother Goose Time’s website.  The member code is included in your Teacher Guide each month.  There are many other Teacher Tools included each month that makes the learning more interesting and the planning much easier!

There is still time to order your very own “In the Orchard,” or you can join in on the fun in November with Mother Goose Time’s “On the Go” curriculum! Not sure if you want to dive all the way in yet? Check out one of Mother Goose Time’s samples!

Thanksgiving Party – A Complete Celebration Kit

Thanksgiving Party SuppliesIncluded in November’s box is a Thanksgiving Party kit.  In the kit you will find a wall display, games, art projects, and much, much more!


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